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What is the story of Katniss, or whatever she is called?

So, there was this dude who was called "Squibber018" on every platform he was on and decided to rival this Roblox group called "Goggle" in the Pacifico games. He created an account for Roblox named "GooggleCEO" and competed against Goggle, but obviously lost. (Actually these "competitions" were really nothing, no user contact between Goggle and Googgle was ever made.) Wait- this is the story of Goggle, Googgle, and Иexalus Co.... where does Katniss come in? Oh right- MAS-DOS. But what is MAS-DOS? I want Katniss! Listen to me, and you'll learn about MAS-DOS first. Now, MAS-DOS was the creation of a bot planning to rival all AI such as Amazon Alexa, Samsung Bibxy, Google Assistant, etc. In Googgle CEO's Discord server (The link attached to the word "server" before these parentheses lead to the Иexalus Co. server, which was the former Googgle server. If you join the server, click this, the word "this".), he invited a bot which has stayed offline forever and ever, amen. This bot was to show the reign of a bot amongst the Googgle company. This bot was a stupid idea. Meanwhile, in Roblox, a certain "lololjgjjgghg" was building a hub device for this bot in the blender 3D modeling platform. Other employees soon decided to take on this, but made models in a Roblox building game called "BuildWorld 🛠️ | F3X" By F3X. Soon, MAS-DOS was the only thing for sale in the Googgle store since it had become quite popular to build. The Googgle company soon was challenged with its quite stupid name because it had been working more productively than a Google ripoff. It was time for a company name change. Googgle was killed off (This actually made a few people sad...), and Ͷexalus Co. (aka nCo.) was born. With this change, it was decided to rebrand MAS-DOS to Savi. Savi? Where'd that come from? Maybe it was the Ͷexalus Co. owner's crush's nickname. Let's not talk about that... the good thing is that the owner found out about Glitch the online coding platform and Savi was his first actual coded bot for Ͷexalus Co.. (Yes, some other bots were made before by him.) Soon, the owner learned his crush was taken so he had his period... he tried to lose every memory of the girl, therefore renaming the bot to Hallie. (Ok, I'm fine now. She's just a girl lol.) HOW MANY NAMES HAS THIS BOT HAD??? Um, well 4. Damn. Yeah, back to the story of boringness. Hallie was named after the owner's old babysitter who lives right across the road still many years later after being babysat 'cause now he is old enough to babysit. (I think Hallie moved actually. She's older that I thought.) Hallie was just something that came to mind. (Yeah, she was a blonde. Oh, shush...) He didn't want to try to copy off Google, Amazon, Samsung, and Microsoft with their ABC's. Yeah, in that order they make AABC, but interchange one A for either Assistant or Alexa. Now, that's settled. Wait. I think there is still some places I never changed from Savi to Hallie. Oof. (Actually, shouldn't be anymore, unless you look at the Savi and Hallie code archives on Glitch) Now she's Katniss named after the main character in the "The Hunger Games" series, Katniss Everdeen. The Ͷexalus Co. owner kinda got some vibes and was like, hey Mockingjay is cool. Makes me feel cool. Let's name the bot Katniss.

Ok, now what exactly is Katniss?

Yeah, I haven't gotten to writing that part yet. Sorry...

Current Katniss Version: 1.6

Katniss is developed by alex squibbs.