Katniss, a friend who is always there for you. Meet your new friend today.

Katniss is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) robot based for online web clients, such as Discord. Katniss is part of the growing community of AI, competing to become the best of the best. Install her now as a Discord bot, or browse our website to see why you should choose Katniss. Katniss is always ready to meet new friends!


Why choose Katniss?

There are so many alternatives to Katniss you could choose instead of her; to name a few: Alexa, Siri, or even Bixby. The question still remains: why would you choose Katniss out of all of them when picking an AI?

"OPEN 24 HOURS" Neon Sign
Katniss is always up 24/7, with minor downtime for maintenance. Now this is an uptime you can really rely on.
Person Signing Document
Whatever data or info you share is not sold and shared with 3rd parties. Rest assured that your most crucial info is private.
Stop Lights in Motion on a City Street at Night
We engineer Katniss to have fast response to every request made to her. Katniss is made to be a fast AI to use, with little to rarely ever slow responses found.
Friends on a Skiing Hill Having Fun
Personality isn't just a thing found in humans, Katniss can also be found with her own unique personality to determine what her goal is in being made possible.
Person Writing Notes with Laptop Open
Accurate responses give a better user experience. We focus on making every statement made by Katniss true and knowledgable, but she can make so mistakes too.
A Simplistic Desk Layout
Ease of use is essential to every product ever made, it simply makes things... easier to understand. Rest assured that we do have support when needed if something is not easy to use.


Below, click a social media platform icon to view Katniss' social media account for that platform. Don't be shy to stop by and comment or post something about Katniss, you might even get a response..!