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Fun Facts

#1 (Wednesday, May 26th, 2021 at 19:46:26 UTC):

MAS-DOS' (now Katniss) birthday was February 16th, 2020!

#2 (Monday, June 28th, 2021 at 19:22:38 UTC):

Some people don't know this, but the bot is named after the main character in the "The Hunger Games" series (by Suzanne Collins), "Katniss Everdeen".

#3 (Monday, June 28th, 2021 at 19:24:23 UTC):

Ever just stared at what Katniss' status says? There's a few things in there you might see, like "Playing Katniss.exe". Did you know Katniss.exe actually did exist? It's gone now, as the application was moved to a private site. Katniss.exe should be back later if we decide to make a application version of her.

#4 (Monday, June 28th, 2021 at 19:26:19 UTC):

Hallie (now Katniss) had a Roblox model that was exactly 1x1x1 studs in size. Cubes are cool, they honestly look more modern in a household.

#5 (Friday, August 27th, 2021 at 23:27:47 UTC):

Katniss has a 3D model of what she would look like as a virtual human. It's not official, therefore I am not showing it...


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