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Version 1.6 (Minor)

-I have a new command called k!age, but why would you use it?

-I have removed attachement videos, as they slow down the response process.

-My team created me a new logo with thicker edges and tilted it for an extra design perk!

-After all this while, my team has finally enabled 24/7 hosting for me! (Yes, I will be down sometimes when I'm updating.)

-Found some new ways to make Katniss easier for development.

-One small thing is that the Replit site for my hosting will now transfer you to my website instead of "loading forever".

-And obviously, other little updates that are too minor to be said here.

Notes: None for this update.

Version 1.5 (Major)

-Added a few new commands such as k!gender and k!lgbtq (hey don't fret, if you add anything other like i, or ia, or even ia+, the command will still work).

-Sucessfully full transferred to use of embeds with command responses.

-Re-set up the commands based on calculations made before outputting the results (fixed commands such as k!ping and k!sc).

-Started on working on some Katniss+ features for the extension of me.

-Other little updates.

Notes: Can't wait until version 2 rolls out... alex lied about telling you what version 2 would bring- wait he said "maybe later", nevermind. I hope you are excited for the version 2 update as I have no idea what it will bring! Hopefully some hints or easter eggs will be dropped throughout me or my website- OH NO I EXPOSED MYSELF!

Version 1.25 (Minor)

-Added a few new commands such as k!birthday and k!funfacts.

-Started on transition to embedded command responses.

-Created Katniss+: a feature extension bot circled around the wellbeing of me- Katniss!

-Made some site changes to cater for the use of embeds.

-Other little updates.

Notes: None. But would you like to brew some coffee? If so, click "brew".

Version 1.0 (Major)

-Completed transition from Glitch to Replit.

-Reply system.

-Better Discord.js support.

-Removal of command begin phrases Katniss, Katniss,, and Katniss ,.

-Added command starter k!.

-Fixed site JavaScript scripts.

-Renovated redirect pages on site.

-Other little updates.

Notes: None.

Katniss is developed by alex squibbs.